Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Are Too Big to Jail

I am most interested in 'Too Big to Jail' in reference to individuals jailed in the US for doing nothing morally wrong. Simple drug possession equals prison in the US today. That is the worst affront to human rights since Slavery was ended and the Voting Rights movement was started. This situation is a Holocaust without a Hitler. It is a tragedy of Politics.
That said, I do want Investment Rules and Taxes reformed.

Friday, February 1, 2013

WHY I RUN...Broun

As I said when I was first elected to the House of Repersentatives many years ago, I stand for one issue and one issue only! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA! That's WEED, GANJA, POT, SHIT whatever you call it, it's good and it's good for you. That's why the first bill I sponsored in the House was to make medical marijuana legal, I'm a doctor, so I figured that would get me my supply right there, but HELL NO! The Liibuhralls shut that down! So dig this I'm running for

And I'm gonna straighten this shit out! And remember, anyone who says pot isn't a good drug and shouldn't be legal is telling... 

Am I the savior? Probably not. For one thing I'm too fat. But whoever you choose, let's get it on, biblical style!